A Night Out!

As I wrote in a previous post, I love spending time in my house! But I can also have fun on a night out! Now back in the US, I live in an extremely small town, surrounded by rather small towns, where going to Walmart is an exciting shopping experience. So, one has to be really creative when you want to hang out! I thought I'd share some of those ideas with y'all!

1. Local Coffee Shop - definitely a favorite for me! Whether it's with friends hanging out or having an intimate conversation with my mom, it's always a great place to enjoy an amazing cup of coffee with a great atmosphere! And in the winter, the fireplace makes you want to curl up on the couch with a good book and a hot chocolate! (If you're ever in Forest City, NC, check out this great place, Village Coffee!) 

2. Share an appetizer - being the rather money strapped person that I happen to be at the moment, a great way to save some money but still go out with friends is to go to a restaurant and just share an appetizer. You can have a fun conversation, but spend like 1/3rd of the money you'd originally spend! And then you can leave a larger tip for the great waitress because you haven't spent all the money on dinner!

3. Go to the gym - grab a friend and your gym bag and head over to your local gym! It's great to hang out with each other, and then to get your workout in, it's like killing two birds with one stone... but don't kill your friend - and exercising is helping you to live longer and not die young. So don't pay attention to that saying... anyway! What about calling friends and scheduling a fun game of basketball after work? Or catching up with each other's week while lifting weights? Check out some of the classes that your gym offers that interest your group of friends! Be creative!

5. Go volunteer - just because you're getting out of the house and leaving work stress behind doesn't mean that your night out has to be all about you! Call a children's hospital and see if you can go and play games with some children in the cancer ward! Take an hour and visit with an elderly person in a nursing home! Get three friends and offer to clean your church that week! Don't fall into the trap that helping others is work - sometimes it's the best thing you could do on a free night!

6. Take a hike - no, I'm not telling you to buzz off! Pack a dinner, and meet some friends at your local park! Look for some hiking trails in your area! And if you really want to have a real night out, do an overnight camping trip! Sitting around the fire, cooking dinner in the great outdoors, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, sleeping on the hard ground - what bonding time you'd have! 

I know there's so many more fun things to do on a night out! Leave some of your ideas in the comments below!

Only 17 days left!


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