Giveaway Announcement

I am excited to announce the start of the first giveaway for Serendipity blog! I have been looking forward to the start of this for a while! 

As I was considering what I would use for a giveaway prize, I thought of all the amazing German treat specialties that I have found in the last few months! 

These are great! The outside is made of coconut and then goes down into a creamy filling with an almond in the middle. This treat is actually imported from Austria, and is my favorite treat I've had here! 

A special box of chocolates that have a variety of amazing choices: Almond Milk Nut, White Almond Crisp, Milk Nougat, and Dark Almond Cream. These are made right here in Germany!

These were the first German chocolates that I tried when I came here! I sent some home to my parents for Christmas, and everyone said that this chocolate was the best they had ever had! Also made in Germany, this milk chocolate will literally melt in your mouth! 

So, now down to the nitty-gritty details! It's actually pretty simple! 

If you are on Google + :
Share the link for this blog post and ask your friends and contacts to +1 this link

If you are on Facebook
Share the Giveaway status and ask your friends to like your share

The person who has the most +1/Likes by the 28th of February will win the giveaway prizes! 
I will give updates in the Motivational Monday posts on what the number to beat is! 
It's all up to you! Good luck! 


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