Simple Bucket List

I've been wanting to make a bucket list for a while! But then as I looked for different ideas, I found idea after idea that costed tons of money, or that just wasn't realistic (one was "eat anything you want without gaining weight" ... that's not going to happen!) So, I wanted to make my own version of a minimalist bucket list - making the important things the main focus!

So here it goes! And no judging!

1. Camp Out 
2. Write a book 
3. Run a 5k
4. Be able to successfully work from home
5. Live with minimal electricity
6. Grow a successful garden
7. Train a dog 
8. Adopt children
9. Learn to swim
10. Catch a firefly
11. Go three months without purchasing anything
12. Get a counseling certification
13. Travel to Europe - DONE! :) 
14. Take a road trip alone
15. Take one picture a day for a year
16. Minister in a 3rd world country
17. Watch the sunrise everyday for a month
18. Teach a Sunday School Class
19. Memorize the book of Isaiah
20. Volunteer in an orphanage

Now, these are just some of my bucket list items! 
If you have any ideas to add or just want to share your own list, let me know in the comments! 

Four Days Left! Hurry! Share, share, share!


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