Someone Else Is Happy With Less...

For the month of February, on Mondays I want post some quotes along the lines of simplifying life around us! This past month, I've been challenged to take all that I have and condense - not because I have to, but because, perhaps, condensing brings into focus the real and important things! I hope that these following quotes and ideas will motivate you to simplify your life to what really counts!

I read this quote, and immediately a knife of conviction cut into my heart. Read it again and take a minute to really digest the meaning behind those words.

My mind flew to the devotions that I've been having for the last month reading through the book of Matthew. The life of Jesus - He, the Son of God, the Creator of the Universe, the Ruler of heaven and earth, the King of all kings, the Lord of lords, He came to earth and had nothing. He wasn't born to an affluent family; He didn't have a secure life; His earthly father wasn't a leader in the community; He didn't have an easy childhood in the home of a king. 


Jesus was born to a poor family; his earthly father was a lowly carpenter; Jesus grew up learning how to work with His hands at a hard and taxing job; during his ministry, He didn't travel through Israel staying at all  the five star inns, but rather stayed where he could find a place. His entourage was made up, not of rich and affluent men, but of unemployed men who had nothing but followed Him anyway. In today's standards, Christ was just a vagabond, traveling through the country without a place to call home.

And yet, this Jesus is the man that we are to fashion our lives after. 

And in Matthew 5 (see the blessedness posts) Christ talks to those around Him about being happy. 

Not once is money mentioned. 

Many times he uses the word "poor" to describe those who are happy and blessed. 

Happiness isn't about having.

Happiness isn't about feeling secure in this world.

Happiness isn't found in the possessions of this world. 

If the thought of giving away things in your life makes you sad, scared, or defensive, perhaps you should look at how important those THINGS are and whether you are using those possessions to make you happy. 

"Someone else is happy with less than what you have." 

I hope you have a great first day in your week! Have a great Monday!

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