For the Girls - Alone and Absurd

So, having lived by myself for the last nine months after having lived with my whole family for my whole life, I've found that I can do things differently with just one person in the house. And, sometimes, differently means wacky and crazy. I thought I would share some of those funny things with you, hoping that others who live by themselves will comment with their own!

So, here it goes! And, come on, peoples! No judging! 

1. Sometimes I eat in bed while watching old episodes of old TV shows - normally this is a Friday night thing, maybe my way of rewarding myself for the hard week, or maybe because I wash my sheets on Saturday morning!

2. I listen to music whilst I am in the shower.- a morning routine thing that happens during the week at 6am. And when you're in the shower, the music has to be really loud to listen to it over the sound of the water running! (and even louder whilst  using the hairdryer) But I listen to music ALL the time - even 11 or 12 at night! 

3. After work, I take off my makeup, climb into my jammies, and put on my slippers, even if it's just 3 or four in the afternoon - I love feeling comfortable, and how much more comfortable can you get than a hoodie, sweatpants, and a clean, shiny face? 

4. After I come home from anywhere, it takes me about 20 minutes to take off my coat, take my shoes off and put away purchases/bags - well, when I walk in the door, I have to start the music, and then I check my email, then I get a little warm and take off my coat, but then I see the bag of groceries and start to put them away, but then I see that the counter isn't clean, then I clean it, then I see my shoes still on, and ... ya!

5. I randomly quote lines from movies... and laugh at them - if something that happen or something that happened during the day reminded me of a movie line, I'm off into the part, and laughing at myself. 

So yes, I am weird... but if we're all honest, living alone really allows for some funny and crazy practices! Please comment and leave your funny and perhaps eccentric habits in the  space below! 


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