You don't need a reason to help people

What if God waited for the human race to give Him a reason to send His Son? As sinful people, we could never give God a good enough reason to send Jesus to earth to save us from our sins. 

Then why do we wait for someone else to give us a reason to help them? "When I see that they really want to change, then I will help them." or "Why should I help them? They've never done something for me?" Now, I know that as you read this, you think that it sounds like a child's reasoning, right? How about this: 

"That man on the side of the road won't go out and get a job so why should I stop and help him?" 
"That special needs child makes me feel awkward. Why should I stop to talk to her?" 
"I am a faithful tither in my church. Why should I give MORE in the love offering for this missionary?"

The list goes on and on.

But back to what I started out with: Did we give Christ any reason to come to earth and die a painful and horrific death? 

This week, whenever you see someone who needs help, instead of looking for a reason to help them, just go and help! Let Christ shine through you as you go and serve! 

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you have a great week! 


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