Meet Me

Hello! I am Rachel - and I am on an adventure. It's the greatest adventure anyone can have - going new places everyday, seeing breathtaking views and landscapes each day, and experiencing brand new things everyday. 

I'm on the adventure of LIFE!

Each day, I get to wake up to a new day, a fresh start, a day with no imperfections in it. Each moment I can look around me and see the wonderful world that God created - and I can enjoy it! Each day, I can see things through new lenses, looking at things differently than I did yesterday. 

It's amazing how just changing the way I look at things really changes how I perceive things that happen in my life. I can see how the Lord has His hands in every little aspect of my life - what a comfort to see my God in each moment of my life. He is here when things are going wonderful - He puts that beautiful leaf on my window for me to see and smile, He encourages me through a friend's email, and He is everything in my day. And He is also the Good in my life. When I feel alone or forgotten, He is One who comforts me. When it's a dreary, rainy day outside, He is the Sunshine in my soul. And when bad things happen - things that really have no human explanation - my God is the Good in my life. 

I hope to be an encouragement to those who read this blog - and perhaps the readers will also see the wonderful world around them and embrace the adventure that is all around them!

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