Trip to La Rochelle

While there in France, I was able to go visit the city of La Rochelle. In 1572, the city was besieged during the French Wars of Religion, resulting in thousands of deaths during that year.  
Beautiful Building - I loved the colors! And in the corner, you can see part of the city clock!
The City Tower
La Rochelle is a port city - this is taken looking into the city.

The sailboat came along at just the right time for a picture! 

View of the port looking out to sea

Wonderful colors are everywhere - even on a vendor's stand in the city

After all that walking, I was hungry - Pizza!!!

The post office!

It was a great day! It was so interesting to read the information about those who survived the siege, to see all the old buildings older than my own country, and to just enjoy the French life!


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