Present Day Reality

We've all seen that commercial for the weight loss program where it is a before and after picture. And I've been inspired about it, thinking that if someone else could do it, so could I. I try to imagine what I will feel like when I'm smaller and healthier. 

- Until I get into that workout - 
When that burn starts to warm my body, sweat dripping from my forehead, when I can't breathe - that imaginary picture of myself months from now with all the weight gone - that means nothing to me at that present moment. I just want nothing more than to die... or stop. 

- Until I get onto that scale -
And when it only shows .5 lbs for a weeks worth of toil, heartache, and hunger, all I can see is my present self in that present mirror - and I can get so discouraged!

- Until that plate of Christmas cookies - 
That wonderful time of the year where everyone celebrates around food - and you know if you take one bite of that tantilizing, buttery, frosted sugar cookie, you won't be able to stop and soon the plate would be empty and you'd be licking the extra butter from your fingers. That plate of cookies starts to look so much better than any amount of weight you could lose. 

I think I have this problem because I focus so far in the future - I focus on that goal that's months away - and I fixate on that body that I want - that transformation picture I can imagine with my face on it... and I don't realize that every moment now is a chance for transformation - presently.

Pushing through that burn when you think your legs are going to fall off - why? Well, sure, becuase you want to be healthier, but, how about because when you finish that workout, you are a different person than you were before that workout - you're presently transformed. 
Looking at each number of weight loss as being transformed more than before that little bit of weight you lost. Each little bit counts, and whether it's ten pounds or 5 ounces - you're different!
Politely declining that Christmas cookie - that choice transformed you from who you were before when you would've taken five or ten.

Take today to be transformed in your weight loss choices. Each day, each hour, each choice!


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