I just wanted to share with you a wonderful site that I keep up with all the time! Hannah Curlee (Biggest Loser Season 11 Runner-Up and Olivia Ward (Biggest Loser Season 11) are sisters who have inspired so many with their amazing transformation on The Biggest Loser, sharing their struggles, hardships, and their victories for all of America to see - and they started

They have posted videos from everything to breakfast ideas to their favorite makeup products. And, dear readers, these are not the typical, boring fitness informational videos that you are thinking. These videos keep me laughing and happy while getting amazing amounts of practical information. 

I thought I would share some of my favorite videos! 

I love the video on how to make good and yet low calorie coffee! :) From what creamer is tasty and calorie cheap to the best types of sweeteners - great video! :)

Another of my favorite videos is the "Lunch on the Go." Great tips for quick, easy, and yet extremely healthy lunch recipes! 

But my favorite one was the "Kitchen is Closed" - because I eat the most at night after dinner. Brushing my teeth and "closing the kitchen" were just some tips I got from this video!

I hope you enjoy this website just as much as I do! I am sure this is not the last time I will post about things I've learned from this great site! :) Thanks so much for reading! Leave a comment below about any other great fitness or inspirational websites you like or keep up with! 


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