Thanksgiving Facts

Yes, I am one of those people that start celebrating Christmas early - Christmas music, lights up, hot cocoa the minute my nose gets cold after a walk - trust me - I LOVE Christmas.

But my family also took Thanksgiving quite seriously. QUITE seriously, I mean. We had all the fixings, the huge turkey, leftovers for days after, and sometimes even the occasional football game. So, here are eight facts about Thanksgiving from my family!

1. When we lived in Wisconsin, the family would take turns hosting Thanksgiving dinner. One year we would go to my grandparent's house and the next at our house. I liked going to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Turkey day. There wasn't enough room for all the kids around the table, so as a child, I loved being able to go into the bedroom and eat the meal on the bed while watching a movie with my siblings. Now, I wouldn't give up the family time, but as a kid, the conversation was so boring and the movie was so much more interesting. 

2. My mother makes the best deviled eggs in the world - and she only makes them on Thanksgiving. So by the time we sat down at the table to eat, there would only be half of them left from the kids (and dad too) sneaking a taste or two. 

3. Every Thanksgiving, my siblings and I beg my Mother to use paper plates instead of the glassware. I don't think she ever has - or ever will - while she has the dishwashers (my siblings and I) around! :) 

4. This one kind of ties in with #3, but as kids we loved it when we had guests for Thanksgiving because normally that meant we had more help with the cleanup - you know, the guests who felt they should help were our favorite!

5. My grandma makes some of the best pies! And she would bring a cooler FULL of pies - cream, chocolate, mincemeat, peanut butter - enough for even our family! But my Mom always baked the pumpkin pies - just because they were Mom's favorite!

6. We always cleaned up the dishes, sat a while watching a football game and talking, and THEN had pie. And why? Because there wasn't any room right after dinner.

7. I think leftover Thanksgiving dinner is wonderful and MAYBE better than the original.

8. The best memory I have from Thanksgiving: sitting around the table, holding hands with the people next to you, taking turns saying what we're thankful for. Just the fact that we were together as a family, counting our blessings - it brought everyone's thoughts to the real reason of the holiday.We weren't gathered around the table just to eat food, later watch a football game, and eat wonderful pies - it was a day that we set aside each year to thank God for what He has given us. 

What are some things that make your Thanksgivings special in your family?


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