Getting to Know Me Better

So, I'm in the mood for some lists - and since this is a relatively new blog, I thought some of my readers might enjoy learning somethings about me - and even those people who have known me for a long time might learn something new! So here is a list of my favorite things!

1. Cold and frosty walks - I love how invigorating walking outside in the cold feels!
2. Anne of Green Gables Series - The ultimate girl movie night!
3. Going thrift shopping with my mom - I love finding bargain deals with her, looking through racks and racks of clothes, and chattering on and on about anything and everything. One game we always play is the "who would wear this" game - standing one or two rows away, one of us holds up a peice of clothing and says, "Who would wear this?" And the other person tries and guess - and most of the time, we both have the same idea! Oh, the good times!
4. Hot coffee with a book - my idea of relaxing.
5. Rainy days - yes, actually that's my favorite weather - when I wake up and raindrops are falling down the window, and the sky is full of clouds, puddles covering the sidewalk - my idea of a perfect day! (and these days make for more of #4!)
6.  Researching - I love finding a topic that interests me and searching through the library, the internet, and any books I can find. Learning new things is such an important joy of mine.
7. Barnes and Noble - when my Mom would have Ladies Bible Studies, Dad was the babysitter, and many times, we would go to Barnes and Nobles. So many favorite things in one store! Books, coffee, cool chairs...
8. Family night - almost every Friday at home is Family night - normally a family favorite dinner, and then either a game or movie - and just spending time together!
9. Painting - ever since my Dad taught me to paint, I love painting! And not the artistic painting - I mean like painting a house or doing trim work. I really enjoy the task and the finished product!
10. White Christmas lights - And not just on Christmas - my Mom always had them up during the year just for a calm, comforting, and homey atmosphere - and she would always plug them in and light a few candles before my dad would get home from work! So I guess I associate white Christmas lights with home! :)
11. Christmas!
12. Old TV shows! Andy Griffeth, Leave it to Beaver, Gomer Pyle USMC, I Love Lucy - Classic Humor!
13. Coming in from a cold, windy day into the warmth of the house!
14. Late night talks with my Mother - talking about anything and everything!
15. Clean sheets - I always put a little extra fabric softener into the washing machine so my sheets smell like heaven! And the first time sleeping in the newly made bed is so wonderful!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about things that I enjoy - if you have a blog, leave a link below in the comments to a list of your favorite things! :)


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