Actually, I Can

How often have you proved yourself wrong? How many times have you found something that you thought impossible to be, in fact, possible?

Mindset is half of the problem. If you start on a project thinking that you will fail, most times, you will do just that! If you think about running a mile completely impossible, you're going to get two or three minutes into your run, sweat running down your back, every muscle in your body aching, and say to yourself, "See, I told you! You can't do it!" And there's a major chance that you will just give up! 

But when you set out to prove yourself wrong, to say, "I can do this!" There's a better chance that you'll get to the end of that run, successful and more inspired with what your body can do! 

What would happen if at the end of everyday, you were able to look back on something you did that day, and say, "Actually, I can!" How many obstacles would you overcome? How many new things would you try?

Well, Happy Monday to everyone! I hope your week goes well! 
Be good, feel good, and have a great week! 


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